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LAP-BAND Kansas, LAP-BAND Missouri, LAP-BAND Overland PARK, LAP-BAND Springfield, LAP-BAND Wichita, LAP-BAND Des Moines, LAP-BAND Omaha  Weight Loss Surgical Center has helped thousands of people lose weight with LAP-BAND Surgery and after-care. Find out if the LAP-BAND System is right for you.

Learn about the LAP-BAND System with these free materials

Your first step to losing a lot of weight and getting more of life is to get informed about the LAP-BAND System. These free, downloadable materials about the LAP-BAND System give you information you need to help determine if losing weight with the LAP-BAND System is right for you. LAP-BAND Materials in this pack include:

  • LAP-BAND Surgery vs. gastric bypass surgery comparison chart
  • LAP-BAND Brochure
  • LAP-BAND Patient Materials and fact sheet

Free LAP-BAND Materials

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