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Does your insurance plan cover LAP-BAND Surgery?

LAP-BAND Surgery is often covered by insurance benefits.You probably know that you can lose significant amounts of weight after LAP-BAND Surgery, but did you know that seven out of 10 Weight Loss Surgical Center surgeries are paid with insurance benefits? Many insurance plans have weight loss surgery benefits, including the LAP-BAND and REALIZE Band devices.

At Weight Loss Surgical Center, we have a staff dedicated to obtaining insurance coverage for you:

  • We research your plan to find out if you have the appropriate benefits.
  • We put together an action plan of things your insurance company requires before surgery and work through it with you.
  • If your insurance company denies you, we work with you to file appeals, when possible.

Your insurance benefits may change, so let us start working with you now to see if you have the LAP-BAND Insurance benefit!

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At your first appointment, we will collect the information we need for our insurance specialists to research your plan. Contact us today to set up your first appointment.