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Can you drink pop with a LAP-BAND?


This weekend at the KGBX Women's Show,in Springfield we got a lot of questions about soda pop drinks and LAP-BAND devices. Since I got the question enough this weekend, I figured it may be of interest to our blog readers.

First off, I am not a medical provider, so for your specific conditions, you need to talk to your LAP-BAND care provider. However, here is what I know about the LAP-BAND and carbonated drinks:

  • You probably should not drink pop (soda, or whatever you call it in your neck of the woods) if you have an adjustable gastric band. Some people believe the gas could dislodge the band, and many band patients report that the excess gas from carbonated beverages is very uncomfortable.
  • I do know band patients who regularly drink carbonated beverages without problems. This does not mean it would not cause a problem for you. Also, if these drinks are something you could tolerate, you probably should not drink high-calorie or high-carb drinks, as those are empty calories that slide through your band and put weight back on.
  • I do know band patients who reduce their soda cravings by occasionally drinking a flat soda. After the carbonation is gone, the gas risks are reduced. However, you still ought to be sure you aren't taking in unneccessary calories, carbs or sugar.
  • Finally, note that some people believe that even diet sodas can contribute to weight gain.

My conclusion: You might be able to drink pop with no problem, but that doesn't mean you should.


Here is an interesting comment thread from Thinner Times about the topic. It may be useful to see other patients' experiences with soda:
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