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Cancer Risk: Another Reason for Adjustable Gastric Banding?


A December 26 study in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology found that restricted calorie diets - a primary feature of adjustable gastric banding - help human cells live longer by restricting the amount of glucose they are exposed to.

The study was a lab study on lung cells - some healthy and some precancerous. The cells were exposed to different levels of glucose and examined over a period of weeks for signs of health, such as cell division and life.

The interesting thing is that the precancerous cells that recieved lower amounts of glucose were more likely to die, which could indicate that lower calorie, thus lower glucose diets could help prevent some forms of cancer.

We have also known for some time that obese individuals had higher risk of cancers of the breast, endometrium (the uteral lining), colon, kidney, and esophagus. This study does not link its findings to any of these cancers specifically, but we already know that losing weight through physical excercise and calorie restriction, as occurs after a LAP-BAND Surgery, helps to reduce these risks.

Added to the list of other diseases that are improved with weight loss through adjustable gastric banding, and anyone considering the LAP-BAND or REALIZE Band has some pretty good health reasons to do so:

If you are considering a serious, proven medical method for weight loss, download our free LAP-BAND materials to learn more about the surgery and how it can help you improve your health.


Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (2009, December 26). Calorie restriction: Scientists take important step toward 'fountain of youth'. ScienceDaily. Retrieved January 15, 2010, from


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