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Carnie Wilson finds success with LAP-BAND Surgery


Struggling with your weight can be difficult and embarassing, but imagine fighting obesity in the public spotlight, with tabloids and media attention called to every swing of your scale. Carnie Wilson, daughter of the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson and co-founder of Wilson Phillips, has gone public with the tool she has found for weight loss success: LAP-BAND Surgery.

Reports surfaced in 1999 that she had gastric bypass surgery and quickly lost 150 pounds. Although many people who have had gastric bypass regain the weight, most of those people don't have to face the embarassment of media attention that Carnie recieved after TMZ released photos of her.

Carnie is brave to face the public again, once again becoming a poster child for a surgical weight loss option. Those people who have come to terms with their obesity struggles enough to seek out a surgical option know that it can be intimidating to tell people you have made such a big change in your life.

Many LAP-BAND Patients were professional dieters, who could gain or lose significant amounts of weight based on the latest book, program or medical advice. While many are proud of their decision to control their hunger with a long-term solution, others are reluctant to share their stories for fear of exposing a potential failure. That fear often fades away, though, as the pounds shed off, and the person realizes that the LAP-BAND Surgery really is a tool they can use for permanant weight loss success.

Ultimately, Carnie's story is one of not giving up on a healthy lifestyle or giving up on yourself. Even if every diet you have tried has failed, you can still succeed. Even if a bypass has failed, you can still succeed. With the right goals in mind, you can always succeed. Thank you, Carnie, for providing that example.


Weight Loss Surgical Center is the Midwest's leader specializing in LAP-BAND Surgery and after-care. The practice and its surgeons do not perform gastric bypass surgery but will, on occasion, perform banding over bypass, where a band is surgically placed on someone who has had a failed bypass surgery.


Should Santa get weight loss surgery?


It's been a few days since he delivered our gifts, so we can safely give Santa some gentle criticism and advice: Santa, you really ought to get weight loss surgery.

A recent holiday healthcare survey by Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia revealed that 60% of physicians would recommend Santa lose 50 pounds. Only 20% of the 100 physicians surveyed believe he is perfect just the way he is.

Images of Santa used to be varied, and he was often portrayed as relatively thin. When Coca-Cola popularized his image in their holiday ads, he became consistently zaftig. Maybe it's because of the high fructose corn syrup, but since then, Santa's clearly been struggling with obsesity.

Not to take the thought too seriously, but if Coca-Cola could give the old man a makeover back in 1931, we ought to give his image a second thought, especially when we consider that his biggest fans are struggling with childhood obesity at alarming rates.

According to NORAD, which tracks Santa's annual journey:

Santa probably stands about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 260 pounds (before cookies).

That would give Santa a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 41, easily qualifying him for laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery or a gastric sleve procedure. No word on if Santa has diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea or any other weight-related health conditions, but his weight alone is enough that the North Pole Insurance Plan might cover his gastric band procedure.

If Santa got a Lap Band in January, he could lose as much as 100 pounds by next Christmas. He would have much more energy to make his overnight journey, and he would only be able to eat a few cookies at his first stop before feeling stuffed.

Our slimmed-down Santa, at a svelte 160 lbs, would slip through chimneys with ease and would probably make it back to the North Pole in record time.

If he was suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure, he may even be off some or all of his medications within the year. And much to Mrs. Claus's delight, he might not need his CPAP machine anymore.

Finally, Santa would be setting a great example for the children (and adults) of the world. He could request that kids not leave cookies for him, and go easy on the holiday treats, themselves. For adults, he could prove that even after centuries of obesity, a healthier lifestyle is always within reach.

Santa, if you're ready to lose weight and start getting more of life, please make an appointment with Weight Loss Surgical Center. We don't have a North Pole clinic yet, but we do have convenient locations throughout the Midwest, and we'd love to help you.

Weight Loss Surgical Center's Country Stampede Contest


Weight Loss Surgical Center has a Behind the Scenes at Country Stampede contest in 2010.As you may recall from a previous blog post, we are a sponsor of this year's Country Stampede, and one of our REALIZE Band Patients has given us a great opportunity for you.

(For those of you not already doing so, I would recommend you also check out Wayne's weight loss surgery blog.)

Today, we open up our exclusive Behind the Scenes at Country Stampede Contest.

The grand prize winner and a guest will receive:

1. Special private escorted backstage tour for a look at what happens "behind the scenes" at Country Stampede on Saturday, June 26th (tour time to be determined)

2. Two Saturday VIP tickets - includes two professionally catered meals, inclusion in the VIP hospitality area, up close parking and two seats in the VIP seating section.

3. Two seats in the on-stage upper deck seating area for one artist's concert on Saturday, June 26th.  Watch the artist's entire performance from the stage!  (Artist to be determined)

4. Memories that will last a lifetime!

If you aren't familiar with the event, check out the Country Stampede website to see details about the event in Manhattan, Kan., from June 24-27, 2010. Performers include Mongomery Gentry, Tracy Lawrence, Suzy Bogguss and Keith Urban, plus many more.

Ready to stampede, sign up for the contest here.

Weight Loss Surgical Center will draw and identify the winners by June 16, 2010 and will give away any remaining tickets on a first-come, first-served basis. No purchase is necessary to enter the contest. A limited quantity of second-prize winners will win general admission tickets to Sunday's show.

Weight Loss News Roundup for May 9, 2010


Here is a look at what has come up over the past few weeks on our sister blog Weight Loss News.

Weight Loss News - 2 Weeks in Review April 18, 2010


Here's what you may have missed in the last two weeks of weight loss news.If you haven't checked out this blog's companion blog, Weight Loss News, be sure to visit it for the the latest news about weight loss tips, studies and surgeries. Take a look:

I regularly update Weight Loss News whenever I come across a news item or story that might be interesting or helpful. If you use an RSS reader, you can subscribe to its feed separately. And don't forget that Weight Loss Surgical Center's Weight Loss blog has its own RSS Feed.

Also, you'll note one one of my commentary items, I left a comment link, if you'd like to share your thoughts on the topic. The Weight Loss News page has comment links for each item, and it also allows you to vote an article up if you like it or down if you don't. Popular posts will stay higher longer with your participation.

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