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New LAP-BAND Commercial Running in Kansas City


People in the Kansas City area are seeing a lot more of the LAP-BAND System, thanks in part to a new series of LAP-BAND Ads running in the market. The commercial features a bariatric surgeon explaining why he recommends the LAP-BAND System to his patients over other surgeries he has done in the past.

Overland Park's Support Group Schedule has changed


On Wednesday, February 13, Weight Loss Surgical Center's Banded Together Support Group in Overland Park will launch with a new schedule - the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at 12850 Metcalf Ave.

Banded Together Support Group helps people who have had LAP-BAND Surgery.The group, which is hosted and moderated by Michelle Love, our new Nurse Practitioner in Overland Park, will focus on questions about how to get the most out of LAP-BAND Surgery and sharing experiences among Weight Loss Surgical Center's patients.

Studies indicate that weight loss surgery support groups can help people lose more weight than patients who go it alone. That's why Weight Loss Surgical Center has support groups at each clinic where it is feasible, and we encourage patients to attend, as well as people who have not yet had the band and want to discuss their concerns about surgery.

If you would like to have regular email updates about this, please sign up for our Overland Park weight loss surgery support group email list.

If you have not yet started your weight loss surgery journey, please click the button below to get information about the LAP-BAND System.

Recipes for Weight Loss: Healthy Steak Burritos


Our Bariatric Coordinator is planning to start a new series of healthy recipes that work well for people wanting to lose weight, with serving tips for people who have had LAP-BAND surgery. Our first recipe in this series is a tasty Mexican recipe that is perfect for a hot summer day and has a lot of flavorful ingredients that you can vary to taste.

Try them out, and let us know how it worked for you. Use the comment section to give your suggestions for tastier or healthier alterations.

Healthy Steak BurritosSteak Burritos for LAP-BAND Patients

Ingredients (Makes 4 serving)

Four Low Carb Whole Wheat Tortillas 6 in.
One pound lean steak*, any cut
One cup Low Fat shredded cheese
¼ cup chunky salsa
½ packet low sodium Burrito seasoning mix
One cup light sour cream
2 cups Romaine Lettuce
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp black pepper
One can black beans


Season steak with garlic powder and pepper, broil to doneness of your liking. Slice thinly. 

Drain canned beans, pour into bowl. Add sour cream, cheese, salsa, and burrito seasoning, mix all ingredients.

Chop lettuce.

For each burrito, place ½ cup of steak, ¼ cup of filling, and ¼ cup lettuce.

For days when you have less time, you can substitute lean ground beef, or just omit the meat completely. Very filling and packed with fiber and protein to keep you full.

Nutrition information

Calories 323
Total Fat 9g
Sodium 346 mg
Total Carbohydrates 23.9g
Protein 11.3g

*Tips:Rare steak works best for banded patients. Take small bites and chew well. 



We received word this week that Ethicon Endo-Surgery is discontinuing the website support component of its REALIZE Band brand. 

The resource was available to REALIZE Band patients to support them with services including food journals and activity logs. The company decided that since enough similar independent resources are available that are free that it no longer needed to provide this service. In an email from the company, they directed users to a variety of other resources, including:

For patients who have the LAP-BAND® System, Allergan's My LAP-BAND Journey is still available for all its regular journaling and tracking services.

If you are a REALIZE Band patient, Ethicon says that REALIZE mySUCCESS will be available until May 30, 2012, and has provided a document on how to print your REALIZE mySUCCESS data from the system before it closes.

Carnie Wilson finds success with LAP-BAND Surgery


Struggling with your weight can be difficult and embarassing, but imagine fighting obesity in the public spotlight, with tabloids and media attention called to every swing of your scale. Carnie Wilson, daughter of the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson and co-founder of Wilson Phillips, has gone public with the tool she has found for weight loss success: LAP-BAND Surgery.

Reports surfaced in 1999 that she had gastric bypass surgery and quickly lost 150 pounds. Although many people who have had gastric bypass regain the weight, most of those people don't have to face the embarassment of media attention that Carnie recieved after TMZ released photos of her.

Carnie is brave to face the public again, once again becoming a poster child for a surgical weight loss option. Those people who have come to terms with their obesity struggles enough to seek out a surgical option know that it can be intimidating to tell people you have made such a big change in your life.

Many LAP-BAND Patients were professional dieters, who could gain or lose significant amounts of weight based on the latest book, program or medical advice. While many are proud of their decision to control their hunger with a long-term solution, others are reluctant to share their stories for fear of exposing a potential failure. That fear often fades away, though, as the pounds shed off, and the person realizes that the LAP-BAND Surgery really is a tool they can use for permanant weight loss success.

Ultimately, Carnie's story is one of not giving up on a healthy lifestyle or giving up on yourself. Even if every diet you have tried has failed, you can still succeed. Even if a bypass has failed, you can still succeed. With the right goals in mind, you can always succeed. Thank you, Carnie, for providing that example.


Weight Loss Surgical Center is the Midwest's leader specializing in LAP-BAND Surgery and after-care. The practice and its surgeons do not perform gastric bypass surgery but will, on occasion, perform banding over bypass, where a band is surgically placed on someone who has had a failed bypass surgery.


Weight Loss Surgical Center now accepting Missouri HealthNet

Missouri HealthNet has contracted with Weight Loss Surgical Center's hospital partner
Weight Loss Surgical Center is now accepting Missouri Medicaid patients in the Missouri HealthNet program, as is Blue Valley Hospital, where its surgeries are performed.

Missouri HealthNet participants should have a card similar to the one pictured to the left.

People with Missouri HealthNet who are interested in getting an adjustable gastric band, commonly known by the brand names LAP-BAND System or REALIZE Band Solution, should be aware of the state's requirements for gastric band surgery for weight loss.

To be qualified for weight loss surgery, patients must:
  • Have a Body Mass Index of 40 or higher
  • Have at least one weight-related health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, gastric reflux, sleep apnea, etc.
If you are ready to start losing weight so you can get more of life, request your initial consultation for LAP-BAND Surgery today.

Kansas, Missouri Near Top on Obesity Scale


Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation issued their annual obesity report today, and it ranked Kansas and Missouri in the top 20.

Missouri ranked as the 11th most obese state, while Kansas ranked 16th. The most obese states centered in the south. Mississippi ranked as the nation's most obese state.

Slightly more than 30 percent of Missouri residents are obese, placing the state just behind Michigan. 29 percent of Kansans are obese, more than doubling the amount of Kansans considered obese only 15 years ago.

Other states with Weight Loss Surgical Center LAP-BAND Clinics include Iowa, which ranked 20th, with 28.1% of its population being obese and Nebraska, which ranked 24th with 27.6% of its population being obese.

The report notes that adult obesity rates increased in 16 states this year and did not decline in any state. While four years ago only one state had obesity rates above 30 percent, today 12 states now have obesity rates over 30 percent. Obesity rates exceed 25 percent in more than two-thirds of states.

Much more detailed information about the report can be found at the Trust for America's Health website.

LAP-BAND Ad Highlights Safety Compared to Bypass, Sleeve


In the June ASMBS-issue of Bariatric Times, Allergan, the makers of the LAP-BAND System, launched a new professional promotional campaign entitled: “The BOLD Facts”

This new campaign features LAGB’s Total Complication rate vs. Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass within one year of discharge from the “Baseline data from ASMBS-designated Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence using the Bariatric Outcomes Longitudinal Database.” The study on bariatric surgeries was published by Eric J. DeMaria, M.D. in SOARD May 30, 2009. 

The Bariatric Outcomes Longitudinal DatabaseSM (BOLDSM) was developed to help ensure ongoing compliance with the center of excellence (COE) programs it administers and develop general knowledge about optimal bariatric surgery practices. BOLD is now the largest and most comprehensive repository of clinical bariatric surgery patient information.

The upshot of the first ad in this campaign is that laparoscopic bands have lower total complication rates when compared to gastric sleeves or gastric bypass surgeries.

Despite the claims about the safety of the sleeve and bypass, the band still comes out ahead in this study on a very large sample of patients across the nation.

The graphic below spells it out, but it bears repeating: Gastric sleeve surgeries had three times the complication rate of bands, and gastric bypass surgeries had four times the rate of complication compared to LAP-BAND Surgeries.


BOLD Facts from LAP-BAND Page 2

If you're interested in learning more about the safer bariatric surgery option, check out our page that compares LAP-BAND, Bypass and Sleeves and get free information about LAP-BAND Surgery.

Obesity briefs - Brain Proteins, School Food and Metabolic Surgery


Here are some news briefs on the obesity front from the weekend covering everything from a study about brain proteins' effect on weight to using bariatric surgery to treat metabolic diseases.

KC-Area Benefits Company Argues in Support of Bariatric Surgery Benefits: Midwestern Benefits Company Lockton has released a report encouraging employers to offer weight loss surgery benefits in addition to wellness programs.

Obesity regulating gene found? London researchers have identified a gene they claim regulates obesity. The gene was previously known to be linked to cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. This study found that it also influenced other genes that regulate BMI (body mass index), cholesterol and glucose and insulin levels. The study, which was pubished in Nature Genetics offers hopes for new treatments for metabolic diseases.

Overweight? It's all in your head:A story from the Weizmann Institute of Science, published in the May issue of Cell Metabolism, followed mice that were engineered to lack the protein tyrosine phosphatase epsilon (PTPe) and found that without PTPe, mice were better able to regulate their weight. They found that PTPe dampens signals from the hormone leptin in the hypothalamus, leading to reduced appetite and increased physical activity. Researchers know that obese people tend to have an exess of leptin in their blood.

The results of the study suggest that another part of the obesity puzzle involves leptin insensitivity and if scientists could inhibit PTPe, it could improve leptin response to reduce appetite and increase physical activity. Think about that next time someone says that you simply need to eat less and exercise more.

Can video games contribute to obesity? Danish and Canadian researchers watched teenage boys who played video games and compared them to similar boys who were not playing video games. If they played for an hour, video gamers would burn an extra 21 calories compared to the others, but when offered a snack, they would eat 80 more calories than the kids who did not play video games. 

Parents in Oman Worried about Childhood Obesity, School Lunches: Parents of children in Oman are fighting problems familiar in America: the impact of school lunches on childhood obesity. Specifically, they are looking to remove low-quality meats, french fries and fizzy drinks from private schoole menus.

Bariatric Surgery recommended for Metabolic Diseases: with recent recommendations from the FDA and the American Heart Association, lowering the Body Mass Index specifications for people to get weight loss surgery if they suffer from diabetes, the mainstream media is starting to pay attention. 

From the Orlando Sentinel:

One review study of 3,188 obese, Type 2 diabetics who had bariatric surgery found that 78 percent of them no longer had diabetes afterward, according to a 2009 report published in the American Journal of Medicine. And the disease still had not returned by the two-year follow-up.

Another randomized study of obese Type 2 diabetics, published in 2008 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that 73 percent of those who had gastric-banding procedures achieved remission of their diabetes, compared with only 13 percent using lifestyle and medication to treat their diabetes.

It is, however, important to note that one can never be rid entirely of diabetes and that remission is always a possibility. It is also important to note that while the article speaks of various bariatric procedures, surgeons at Weight Loss Surgical Center perform only laparascopic adjustable gastric banding, which does not involve cutting, stapling or re-routing of your digestive tract.

Alcohol addiction risk with gastric bypass: A study of a Sweedish database of bariatric patients revealed that bypass patients were twice as likely to need treatment for alcohol addiction. The article explains that bypassing part of the digestive tract allows for faster alcohol absorption and increased risk of dependency.

If you're suffering from the dangerous combination of obesity and diabetes, weight loss surgery may be an option to help. Learn more about diabetes and LAP-BAND Surgery today.

New "Now is for LAP-BAND®" Ads Hit Magazines


A new series of advertisements for the LAP-BAND® System is running now in national magazines, including Better Homes and Gardens, Every Day with Rachel Ray, Good Housekeeping and more.

Our LAP-BAND® Representative sent us a couple samples of from the ad series, below. 

What do you think of the new ads? Tell us in the comments!

 LAP-BAND Is For NOW Hula Hoop Advertisement


LAP-BAND Is For Now Pool Ad

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